Automation & marketing so good the police and special agents a-knocking.

How I helped FEMA get 12,000+ people in 4 days to help Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria... Plus why I decided to create FlowTrack. 
My name is Mike Brown the founder of FlowTrack

First let me tell you why I made FlowTrack

Companies paid me big bucks to build and integrate complex systems. I've worked with everyone; Experian, American Express, ChoicePoint, USAA, Carl's Jr, and tons of very small and medium sized businesses too from credit repair companies, insurance agents, lead generators, affiliate marketers, mortgage brokers, and much more. I noticed that the needs of businesses small and large were all the same. Integrate our _____ system to ______ system, automate the processes, and keep everything in-sync. 

I made FlowTrack so now you don't need to hire expensive developers to integrate 8+ different subscription services, plugins, and tools. Everything is all-in-one to save you money and all drag and drop. Now I'm going to tell you the story how I helped FEMA and how helping FEMA was just like every other type of business I've ever worked with. Its all about automating Click/Lead/Call to Close...

How I helped FEMA get 12,000+ people in 4 days to help Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria

Living in San Juan, Puerto Rico (originally from California) I experienced my first ever back-to-back hurricanes, Maria and Irma. I witnessed one of the worst disasters I've ever seen in my life. The island was devastated. Most everyone had no electricity and if you were lucky, you had no electricity for days, but for some it was months. I was lucky enough to have backup generators in my building. My apartment turned into a revolving door of friends and strangers wanting to shower and charge electronics.

As soon as I found out FEMA was urgently looking for 12,000+ disaster recovery workers on the island I immediately jumped into action. FEMA has a complex system of onboarding disaster recovery workers with everything from application processes, background checks, training, ID cards, dispatching, etc. I immediately put my skills to work developing an automated way to get 12,000+ new recovery workers through a funnel. In just 4 days... 

I just didn't know doing so would get the police and a special agent on my tail.... Just like every other business I began with some basic things like;

1) Building a form to capture leads (applicants) connected to a CRM to store and manage the leads.
2) Automating the processing and onboarding of form submissions.
3) Integrating email and SMS follow-up sequences to push people through various stages of the funnel.
4) Creating automated interactive voice response menus for updates throughout the entire process.
5) Plugged into a call center to field calls and help applicants.
6) Designed a website and setup ads for Facebook.

This whole process for FEMA took a large team to build, integrate, and launch everything in such a short period of time. We had a bunch of different services for every part of the process, it was overly complicated with so many moving parts. 

I'd done processes like this hundreds of times for everyone. I don't care if you're a credit repair company, bank, juice shop, social media agency, affiliate marketer, or FEMA. Everyone has the same basic needs.... (Automated Flows from click/lead/call to close). 

Puerto Rico needed help urgently. FEMA needed 12,000+ workers in 4 days. Honestly no one thought it could be done, but we did it. We scaled this campaign SO fast... We sent so many people through FEMA's process that they finally asked us to STOP as it was too much, they couldn't handle the volume anymore. That is when I first knew I did a good job for the people of Puerto Rico.

We grew so big so quick the Puerto Rico Police Department and a Federal Special Agent started sniffing around. They were alarmed how many people were talking about this new website needing to hire so many people and many people immediately thought it was a scam. After all, much of the island did see our advertisement... After a "friendly interrogation" and getting them in contact with the right people at FEMA the special agent and police left us alone. As frightening as a "friendly interrogation" sounds by a Special Agent in the end it did make me feel great this campaign was so successful helping Puerto Rico that it garnered this type of attention. Special thanks to the Special Agent and Police Department to being quick in their efforts protecting the public and reaching out to us when they thought it was a scam.

After doing this same repetitive work my entire adult life I decided to make FlowTrack. I put all my years of experience into building FlowTrack for YOU. Now you have these powerful tools at your fingertips to build out and automate your flows for every type of business and without code or complex integrations. I wish I had FlowTrack back in 2017 helping FEMA, or even much earlier. In-fact every business I've ever helped could have used FlowTrack and they would have saved themself having to pay me big bucks. Now you can use simple drag & drop tools to build, launch, automate, and scale your business. You no longer need a team of people and 8+ services to build, launch, and scale your business. If I had to do the process again for FEMA it would have taken only 1 person just a few hours using FlowTrack.

Special Lifetime Offer

One-time $97 payment only.
30-day money back guarantee.

PS: Some processes like physically moving water and other supplies around the island can’t be automated with any tools (yet). So with a great group of friends, the great National Guard, and donations from Costco, Cruzan Rum, and Ameriflight we put some muscle to work moving much needed supplies around the Caribbean...

Frequent questions I get everyday

Why/How are you doing this? This is too good to be true??

This is the most common question we get every single day... The answer is simple. Have you ever heard of FlowTrack before? No? I know that... This is the exact reason we are running this once in a lifetime promotion. We're an ambitious startup, powered by coffee, craving a ton of early adopters. Looking to make a big name for ourselves.

We're depending on YOU to spread the word

When you are successful using our platform, YOU will spread the word how amazing we are. How amazing it is to not need a hodgepodge of 8+ different subscriptions and a tech genius to integrate everything.

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